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A Children’s Christmas Book About the Gift of Giving for Kids Ages 2-8


Getting children to understand that it’s better to give than to receive can be difficult. As Christmas approaches all André can think about is the pile of presents that he is going to get! That is until his dad loses a prized possession. Follow André’s journey as he takes the initiative to create something new and special for his dad. This is the perfect book to showcase the true joy of Christmas and celebrate the gift of giving!


The Best Gifts Come from the Heart

The best gifts don’t need to cost a ton of money. This book showcases that it’s the thoughtfulness and effort that truly brings a smile to the recipients’ face.


Cultivate Kindness and Generosity

Encouraging the spirit of giving showcases the importance of thinking of others and modeling kindness. Giving to others can bring just as much enjoyment as receiving.


Improves self-esteem and competence

Giving to others improves social interaction and creates a sense of belonging. Teaching your children this valuable lesson is one of the most rewarding things you can give them.

André and the Special Gift


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