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A Story About the Importance of Tidying Up for Kids Ages 2-8


It’s Show and Tell day and André is excited about sharing his favorite book. That is, until he goes to his room and is unable to find it among all the clutter. André’s dad teaches him an important lesson: Keeping your room clean can make life much easier.


Cleaning Boosts a Child’s Self-Confidence

The feeling of success that comes with the ability to organize and compete a task will give your child a sense of pride and help boost their self-confidence.


Encourages Teamwork

Demonstrating that cleaning up may be easier when help is there encourages a sense of teamwork and partnership. André’s dad helps him focus on cleaning his room and together they can complete the task much easier.


The Value of Cleaning Up

Teaching children to clean up after themselves is an essential tool in becoming a self-sufficient adult.

André Cleans His Room


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