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A Book About Being Brave on the First Day of School for Kids Ages 2-8


Going to school can be overwhelming for a young child. André is no exception as he experiences a rollercoaster of emotions on his big day, all while trying to maintain a positive mindset. This is the perfect book for young children adjusting to life at school!


Emotional Rollercoasters

Children experience a variety of emotions on their first day of school. This story will help children to understand that all of their emotions are normal. In times of immense change, it is extremely important that children feel supported and loved.


Comfort and Reassurance

Love and affection from loved ones is essential during big transitions. In addition, a special item from home can be comforting for a young child throughout the school day. André’s mom finds a special way to help André feel closer to home, as well as a reassure him that they’ll be reunited at the end of the day.


Beautifully Illustrated & Written

With beautiful illustrations and an engaging storyline, this book depicts sweet André as he navigates through his very first day of school. Whether in school or not, this a fun and sweet story any child will enjoy.

André Goes to School


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