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A Story About the Benefits of Sharing for Kids Ages 2-8


André’s best friend Bryce is coming over to play. The boys are having the best day together—until Bryce picks up André’s most prized possession…a toy that André is not willing to share. André’s mom steps in to teach the boys a unique way to take turns and still be able to enjoy the same toy. Although hesitant at first, André learns that when he shares his toys with Bryce, Bryce will share his toys with him in return. Join André as he learns the lifelong lesson that giving a little to others can result in getting what you want as well.


Learn about Compromise, Fairness and Patience:

André struggles to share a favorite toy during a playdate. His mom has a creative idea. By using the sharing timer, André and his friend find a fair way for both of them to play with the toy. Through patience and compromise, André learns the value of sharing. Soon, the boys see that taking turns allows them both to have more fun.


Managing Emotions and Coping with Disappointment:

Being possessive is a natural feeling, but one that children must overcome in order to foster friendships. At a young age, sharing can be difficult and confusing. André’s mom explains that sharing doesn’t mean the toy is going away. By providing a solution and praising him for his patience, André’s mom helps him to work through the desire to keep special toys to himself.


Finding the Joy in Sharing:

Sharing is a vital life skill that children need to make and keep friends. Although difficult at times, sharing can create joyful experiences as children participate in meaningful interactions with a playmate or family member. These experiences help children develop generosity and begin to understand the feeling of giving to others. The colorful illustrations and relatable challenges in this book will help children connect with these important concepts.

André Learns to Share


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