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A Story About the Magic of Imagination for Kids Ages 2-8


André and his dad are going fishing today. It’s André’s very first time and he is super excited…until it starts to rain. Seeing André’s disappointment, Dad comes up with a creative new plan. Join the indoor adventures as they embark on a fishing trip without ever leaving their house. Rainy days really can be fun!


Imagination Supports Life-Long Learning

Encouraging a child’s creative thinking is a springboard for future learning. Using imagination, André and his dad transform simple household objects like a broom or a pillow into tools for adventure. Imagination gives the opportunity for kids to explore new ideas, practice problem-solving, plan and test ideas and take calculated risks. When imagination and play are combined, the possibilities for exploration and learning are endless. 


Social and Emotional Development

Pretend play can help build a child’s self-esteem and be key in social and emotional development. During their pretend play, André and his dad encounter several tricky situations which they navigate together. This kind of imaginative play nurture’s skills like cooperation, negotiation, collaboration and sharing responsibilities. Creative experiences like this boost confidence and help children to be more successful when navigating real-life situations.  


Beautifully Illustrated & Written

With gorgeous illustrations and an engaging storyline, this book depicts a loving relationship between father and son as they use creative thinking to make the best out of a rainy day!

André Goes Fishing


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