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A Story About a Positive Attitude and Resilience for Kids Ages 2-8


Noelle wants to do something special for her mom’s birthday. She decides to bake her a cake but runs into a big problem. These challenges come to life in Noelle’s adventures baking a cake for her mom’s birthday. She faces several obstacles, but with help from her dad, Noelle realizes that while the outcome may not be what she pictured, it can still be perfect.Follow Noelle as she learns that even if things don’t go as expected, the most important ingredient of all is love.


Thoughtfulness and Service:

Being part of a family means caring about each other and doing thoughtful things.  Noelle wants to celebrate her mom’s birthday, but she needs help.  She partners with her dad to create a homemade gift.  Although the project doesn’t go according to the initial plans, Noelle realizes that the love she puts into her act of service is what truly matters.


Working Through Challenges with Resilience:

The ability to keep going in the face of setbacks is an incredibly valuable skill that takes years to develop.  To encourage this skill, children need examples of how to respond when facing adversity.  When Noelle’s plan falls apart (literally), her dad shows her that it’s ok to change direction and find a new solution.


Engaging and Well-Written:

Bright illustrations and loveable characters fill this book with joy.  Young readers will connect with Noelle as she takes on a special task.  Readers will also enjoy the kind and loving example set by Noelle’s father.  This is a great book for children learning to express their independence and respond to challenges.

Noelle Bakes a Cake


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