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A Story About Earning, Saving and Spending Money for Kids Ages 2-8


After crashing her favorite toy car, Noelle is disappointed to learn that this beloved toy cannot be fixed. Noelle’s mom suggests a plan for her to be able to get a new car, but it will take hard work and patience. Join Noelle as she is introduced to the twin concepts of helping with chores and saving money. Hard work and persistence pay off!


The Concept of Money

It’s never too early to start teaching children about the concept and value of money i.e. learning to count money, learning how much certain items cost, etc.


Money Management

Learning to earn, save and manage money is a vital, life-long lesson that can instill healthy, personal financial success in the future.


Hard Work and Patience

Demonstrating to young kids that money does not grow on trees is important. It takes hard work to earn money.

Noelle Buys a Car


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