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A Story about New Adventures and Making Learning Fun for Kids Ages 2-8


Noelle wants to spend her day off playing at home - no learning! Little does she know that a trip to the museum can be educational AND fun! Noelle gets to see her favorite animals, dinosaurs, come to life. At first the sites and sounds are scary. But with help from her mom, Noelle quickly begins to enjoy the day. Join Noelle as she wanders through the exhibits and discovers the immersive learning of a museum! This is the ideal book to help young readers embrace new experiences and understand that learning can take many forms.


Build Confidence Through New Experiences

Noelle has never been to a museum before. While she is intrigued by the thought of seeing her favorite animal, she is also hesitant to visit somewhere new. The sites and sounds are overwhelming and a little bit scary. Noelle’s mom helps her understand that there is nothing to fear. With her mom’s help, Noelle feels safe and is able to enjoy her day.


Perfect for Dinosaur-lovers

Travel through time to the age of the dinosaurs! Kids love dinosaurs, and Noelle is no exception. Fellow dinosaur-enthusiasts will enjoy identifying the various animals in this book. Fun and colorful illustrations bring these giant creatures to life. Readers can walk along with Noelle as she points out features of these prehistoric characters.


Embrace a Joy for Learning

Exercising the imagination with a trip to the museum is a wonderful way to demonstrate the fun of learning. By taking a day off from the classroom and venturing to the museum, Noelle’s mom shows her that learning experiences exist all around us. This is a great story to encourage curiosity and spark a love of learning in young readers.

Noelle Goes to the Museum


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