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A Children’s Book about Patience Paying Off for Kids Ages 2-8


When Noelle and her family visit the zoo, the only animal Noelle wants to see is the cheetahs. But the cheetahs won’t come out of hiding! Noelle’s parents use the opportunity to teach Noelle the importance of being patient. Just as shes about to give up hope and head home, Noelle gets a big surprise!


Develop Strategies for Waiting

Patience is a skill that takes time and effort and is especially difficult for young children. While waiting, Noelle’s dad enlists Noelle’s help to get snacks for the rest of the family. At a young age, distractions can help pass the time more easily.


Benefits of Frustration

While learning how to wait for something they want, young children may experience frustration. Through this frustration, children may gain skills and knowledge about themselves that build a stronger sense of self-esteem.


Beautifully Illustrated & Written

With beautiful illustrations and an engaging storyline, this book depicts a multi-ethnic family on an exciting outing to the zoo. This a fun and sweet story any child will enjoy.

Noelle Goes to the Zoo


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