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A Story to Help Prepare a Soon-To-Be Older Sibling for a New Baby for Kids Ages 2-8


A new baby is a huge adjustment for the entire family and can be especially confusing for a young child. These changes come to life through the heartwarming character of big sister, Noelle, whose experiences will feel very authentic to the young reader. This is the perfect book to help prepare a soon-to-be older sibling for a new baby!


Validating and Understanding a Child's Emotions

Children experience a variety of emotions when a new baby comes home. Noelle’s conversations with her parents and interactions with the new baby give voice to the many feelings an older sibling may have when their family is expanding. This story will help children to understand that all of their emotions are normal. In times of immense change, it is extremely important that children feel heard, validated, and supported.


Cultivate Confidence, Development and Wellbeing

Young children love to feel included and helpful. Noelle’s mom and dad find simple ways to involve her in caring for the new baby. Young readers will complete this story with their own ideas of how to help. Examples like this help children build confidence, develop social skills, and learn about caring for others.


Beautifully Illustrated & Written

With beautiful illustrations and an engaging storyline, this book depicts a multi-ethnic family as they grow the love in their household. Whether expecting a new baby or not, this is a fun and sweet story any child will enjoy!

Noelle The Best Big Sister [Best Seller]


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